Suggestion Box
Tohoku International School

Student Council

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Student Council is to give the student body a voice within the school community. It gives students the oppurtunity to develop leadership skills by organizing school events and projects. We hold several events throughout the year to help fundraise money for future events. Some being Saint Valentine's Day where we sell chocolates and roses for those to give out to their friends and loved ones. Part of the money raised from these events is donated to the secondary service trip by financially supporting the materials needed for those we help in need.

How we are elected
Suggestion box

The suggestion box is where we share our ideas to make our school a more suitable place for all students, teachers, and staff. The purpose of this suggestion box is so that our community can have a voice to share their opinions and provide a safe place for students who struggle to express themselves. We believe this project will build an environment that will help our school improve as an international school that has a multicultural opinion.