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Tohoku International School


Purpose and Philosophy

At Tohoku International School, the Student Council serves to give students a voice within the school community. It enables students to have the opportunity to learn about democracy and leadership through collaboration in school issues. Students are encouraged to become part of whole school development through engaging in creative events and initiatives. The promotion of a positive and enthusiastic school spirit is encouraged.

The Student Council should be committed to the 5 STARS whilst being creative in their endeavors. Students should always be seeking to increase their knowledge of the world around them, including systems and processes that are important to the planning and organization of school events. Students should not be afraid to take risks. Through discussions, debates and collaboration, students should work towards improving their communication skills and continually seek to develop excellent communicative abilities. Students should be open-minded. All individuals should be shown respect irrespective of nationality, ethnicity, age or any other personal attributes. In all parts of school life, students should exhibit a responsible attitude.

Members should...

Students should set annual goals that direct the course of the program for the academic year and where possible, a little beyond.


Students should determine the focus for their fundraising endeavors planning monthly events in support of the cause. This information should be clearly communicated to all stakeholders within the school.


Students should ensure that all events are well organized and follow the correct procedures. Permission should be obtained, for all proposed events, from the Head of School. Details of all events should be clearly articulated to staff and students.